Location: Nygade 6, 3. sal, 1164 København K , Danmark
We’re making the future of healthcare personal 
Our world class approach to personal medicine has been helping patients since 2002. 

Our story

Founded in Copenhagen in 2002 Nordic Clinic has developed a world class reputation for helping individuals achieve good health.

Our approach

Our approach is based upon gaining a deep understanding of the individual by building up a detailed profile of their lifestyle, health history and behaviours and supporting this with functional and genetic testing to gain insights into their individual biochemistry. We use this rich information to develop a programme of interventions uniquely tailored to the individual. It’s a collaborative, empowering, approach that helps you gain a deep understanding of the way your body works and feel confident in the effectiveness of interventions tailored specifically to you. 

Part of Nordic Health

Nordic Clinic is part of the Nordic Group of companies. We are dedicated to the growth of personalised medicine around the world. We invest heavily in training practitioners, nurturing young talent, research efficacy and developing content and advice to make personalised medicine accessible and effective for more and more people around the globe.

Our goal

Nordic Clinic was established as a flagship Functional Medicine clinic with the goal of inspiring and helping other clinicians to understand it was possible to successfully establish such a practice. Our aims were to: 

  • Demonstrate how personalized medicine represented the future of healthcare
  • Incorporate wide ranging clinical laboratory analysis into patient care to help identify biochemical processes in need of support 
  • Utilise dietary interventions and high end nutraceuticals to help correct and support the body's own ability to repair any damage done. Where necessary pharmaceutical intervention can also be considered.  
  • Implement the different facets of the Functional Medicine discipline, utilizing comprehensive questionnaires, the Functional Medicine matrix and timeline.  
  • Be open and transparent - to engage and collaborate with the broad spectrum of the medical fraternity: including Functional Medicine colleagues;  colleagues from allopathic medicine; hospitals; health authorities; insurance companies and political parties. 
More than 15 years later we can lay claim to successfully achieving those initial goals. Our sim now is to make our approach and our learnings available to more and more patients around Europe and the world.