Location: Nygade 6, 3. sal, 1164 København K , Danmark

What to expect

Starting work with us as a patient can feel like a big step. Its a bit different to working with a traditional medical practitioner. Here’s a few things you can expect when you work with Nordic Clinic.

Consultations with enough time

Our consultations are designed to allow enough time to really explore your health experiences and gain a deep understanding of how your body is working. 

Finding out about you

On or prior to your first visit you will complete our functional medicine survey designed to investigate every area of your health and lifestyle.

Help to understand your treatment

Trying to remember everything the practitioner has to say can be hard. We give every patient their own “adviser”, a trained nutritionist who will sit with you through your consultation, take notes and be on hand afterwards to help with any questions or guidance.

Personal profile and test results

Our personalised medicine process is a journey into greater and greater understanding of who you are and how your body works. The information generated about you from consultations and test results are gathered together in your personal profile as your source of insight about your body and health.

Tailored recommendations

Everything we recommend for your treatment is personalised to you.


Lots of support

Getting healthy can be full of challenges. We’re here to support every step of the way whether its through lots of helpful information relevant to your health challenges or someone to chat to with your questions.